Natural Swim Ponds with Natural Boulders

It used to be the only way to enjoy backyard swimming would be to install a high-maintenance, heavily chlorinated pool with an unnatural blue liner and boring concrete deck.

Well those days are over … Welcome to Natural Swim Ponds!

At Splash we have been creating beautiful natural backyard spaces filled with natural boulders, beautiful waterfalls and streams for more than 30 years. Imagine jumping off a huge natural boulder into your very own swim pond with crystal-clear water!

Today’s backyards don’t have to be boring spaces. Building a natural water feature in your yard – a small koi pond, pondless waterfall, large swimming pond or even fountain – is an investment in your home and your family’s well-being. The natural beauty of plants, the soothing sounds of waterfalls and the incentive ponds give their owners to get outside give people a chance to reconnect with nature in their own yards.

Here are just a few reasons science says you need a pond in your yard:

5 Reasons to Build a Natural Swim Pond

  • Natural Landscaping offers a better return on investment than most other home improvements.
  • Being around water and plants decreases stress.
  • Nature helps decrease healing time after injuries and illness, and makes people more likely to exercise.
  • Children and adults do better work and are better able to concentrate when outside.
  • No harsh chemicals.

Relax with Low-Maintenance Natural Filtration

In addition to having all kinds of harsh chemicals, old-fashioned swimming pools require a lot of work with the acid washing, chlorine, shock tablets, and pH monitoring.

Swim Pond in Winter

Our Ecosytem Filters work with nature to achieve crystal-clear water without all of the work and chemistry homework.

Simply Relax and Enjoy!

Year-Round Enjoyment

Unlike traditional swimming pools, a Splash Ecosystem can be enjoyed year round.  With our hybrid filtration system you can enjoy crystal-clear water all season long.

During the swim season,  we’ll use external filters to really get the water clean and clear.

In the winter months, we simply switch over the pumps so you can still enjoy your waterfall even when it’s too cold to swim.

Swim with the Fishes (or not)…

It’s really up to you. Many of customers enjoy jumping in the pond on a hot summer day and having the beautiful koi swimming all around them.

Our Ecosystem Swim Ponds are really designed to be completely natural and would be a fun and happy place to raise a few friendly pond fish.

Explore Nature – Take time to smell the flowers

Nothing has a bigger impact on young minds than hanging out in nature.

It’s not just us.  Many studies have shown that your family will be happier, healthier, and more creative after hanging out in a natural environment.

Spending time outside makes people feel more energized, increasing their productivity and quality of their work. Tasks performed near blooming flowers and lush greenery tend to be more accurate than those done indoors, and just having plants nearby can increase memory retention by up to 20 percent.

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Children also learn better around nature. Doing schoolwork outside helps remove some of the stress and distraction they might feel in the classroom, and children with difficulty paying attention tend to engage better in a natural environment.

A pond can create a great environment for children who need to do homework, adults who need to knock out a work report or anyone who just needs some time to think without distraction.


If you’ve never really experienced a swim pond before I’m sure you have questions. Here’s some of the common questions we get:

Everyone that I know that has a pool has to shut it down for Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Can I really keep enjoying my pond all year long?

Yes, unlike traditional pools, our systems are designed so you can enjoy your waterfall and pond all year long.  It might be a bit too cold to jump in the pond in January, but you’ll be able to enjoy watching and hearing your waterfall 12 months a year.

Are there fish in the Swim Pond? Do I have to have fish?    

Some people love the idea of just jumping right in the pond and swimming with the fish. Others might be a little apprehensive at first if they’ve never done it. Well the answer is – You get to choose. You can add fish now, later, or never. We’ll design your system to allow you to keep your options open.

Are there plants in the pond? Do I have to have plants?

Again it’s up to you. You get to choose.  You can add plants now, later, or never. We’ll design your system to allow you to keep your options open.

What’s the warranty on the liner?

Our EPDM liner has a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer.  During installation, we install a protection fabric on both sides of the EPDM and then cover it all with large pond boulders and pond gravel to achieve a beautiful natural look that protects your liner from anything that could damage it.

Do the pumps make a lot of noise?

What’s really cool about our Ecosystem Ponds is the waterfalls. Not only do they look incredibly natural and have amazing sounds, they will mask any sounds like external pumps or HVAC units or even traffic going by. You can really relax and escape in your own piece of paradise.

What about algae?  Does the Ecosystem Pond have more algae than a traditional swimming pool?

Great question!  It depends on the filter system you choose. Many of the swim ponds we install come with a hybrid filter system that switches depending on the season. During the summer swim season, the swim filters take over and create an environment that is 99% algae free. The rest of the year the natural biological plant filters keep the water crystal clear, and a natural biofilm forms on the rock and gravel. If you have fish in the system, we’ll use the natural biological plant filter all year long. What we are finding is that, over time, many people are not switching on the swim filters and are really enjoying the pond with fish and plants.

OK … This sounds great, but how much do these cost?

Another great question!  It might help to compare costs to other types of swimming pools.  Our research shows that rectangular or oval vinyl liner pools will typically cost $35,000–$65,000.  It is difficult to create a waterfall with a vinyl pool. To achieve that look in a swimming pool you would need to look at traditional gunite/concrete construction. Concrete pool projects with fake boulders and waterfalls typically start around $65,000 and can easily get to $100,000 or more.

We are experts in using big natural boulders – not the fake concrete. Our small swim pond with real boulders and natural filtration typically starts around $50,000.  As you can imagine, the designs on these types of projects are only limited by your imagination, space, and budget. It is not unusual for overall budgets including patios, walkways, fencing, etc. to reach $100,000 to $150,000. During the initial consultation, we will work with you to create the perfect space that fits your budget, space, and timing. Many customers stage their projects into phases, starting with the pond this year and then adding patios, kitchens, and firepit areas a little later.

Will my pond attract wildlife?

Water features don’t just make humans happy.

Ponds attract all kinds of wildlife, from the fish that you put in to the frogs and turtles who migrate there. Squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and other critters will also enjoy the nice oasis of plants around your pond, as will honeybees and butterflies.

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By creating an environment for these animals, you offset some of the damage humans cause when they spread into natural habitats. The sounds of flowing water block out noises that otherwise disrupt animals’ activity patterns, and your plants and pond add much-needed shelter for creatures that might otherwise have no place to go.

Your pets will enjoy the addition too. Lots of our customers have dogs that love their ponds as much as their humans do.

Ready to Jump In? What’s next?

If you decide a pond is right for you, let’s talk.

You can reach us by phone at 717-751-2108 or visit our store at 1298 Toronita St. in York, PA. Our online Pondsultation form gives you a quick way to reach out via email.

Splash Supply Company builds and services ponds throughout southcentral Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

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