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Instruction Manual: Aquascape 2-Outlet / 4-Outlet Aeration Kit

    Instruction Manual, Warranty, Troubleshooting & Replacement Parts for the Aquascape Pond Air 2 (#75000) and Aquascape Pond Air 4 (#75001)

    Our finned friends need oxygen to breathe, just like we do. That’s why aeration is one of the most important features you can add to your pond to keep fish happy and healthy. The energy-efficient two-stone aerator is perfect for summer aeration in our small patio bowl fountains,  while the four-stone aerator is ideal for very small backyard ponds up to 800 gallons.  These smaller aerators may not be sufficient to maintain a hole in the ice for gas exchange in freezing climates.  In winter, you may need to place a Pond De-icer in the pond to keep your pond from freezing over. 

    Aerators are great for use year-round use.  Aeration helps add oxygen to the pond especially important in hot weather. 

    We recommend our Pro Air 20 or Pro Air 60 for ponds larger than 800 gallons.

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    Aquascape Pond Air Aeration Kit Instruction Manual

    Aquascape Pond Air Warranty

    The Aquascape Pond Air is guaranteed for three years from date of purchase. Proof of purchase required.

    Warranty does not cover replacement air diaphragm cartridges. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligent handling, misuse or lack of reasonable maintenance or care. Warranty is valid against defect
    due to material and the company’s workmanship only.

    The sole obligation shall be to replace the defective unit with a suitable replacement unit. Units should be checked for proper operation prior to returning as defective. No liability for loss or damage of any nature or kind, whether arising out of or from the use of the product, whether defective or not defective, is assumed by Aquascape, Inc. or its affiliates.

    Aquascape Pond Air Introduction

    Every process that happens in the pond’s ecosystem is dependent on oxygen. Your fish require it to survive and the added beneficial bacteria rely on it to help clean the pond.

    Adding the Pond Air system will help maintain proper oxygen levels in your pond throughout the day and night, creating a more stable pond environment.

    The Pond Air system can also be used during the winter months where bubbles created at the surface will keep a small hole open in the ice for oxygenation and removal of possible harmful gases from the water.

    ProTip: The pump should be placed in an indoor location, which is dry and free from airborne dust and debris. If you notice that your pump is losing air pressure or simply doesn’t work as well as when you purchased it, a simple, inexpensive renew kit is available. After installing the renew kit your pond air pump should be as good as new.


    Pond Air 2 (#75000) & Pond Air 4 (#75001)

    1. Pond Air Pump
    2. Aeration Discs
    3. 25′ section of aeration tubing with pre-installed check valves

    Aquascape Pond Air Specs & Comparison

      Pond Air 2 Pond Air 4
    Model Number 75000 75001
    Max Air Flow Rate (Loaded) 4000 cc/min. x 2 3500 cc/min. x 4
    Max Air Depth (Loaded) 8.5 ft. water 9.2 ft. water
    Number of Outlets & Discs 2 4
    Length of Air Line 2 x 25 ft. 4 x 25 ft.
    Wattage 6 watt 11 watt
    Amperage 0.055 0.1
    Power Cord Length 6 ft. 6 ft.
    Warranty 3 Years Limited 3 Years Limited
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    Aquascape Pond Air Aerator Replacement Parts

    Pond Air 2

    Pond Air 4

    Aquascape Pond Air Safety Information

    WARNING: Do not submerge the Pond Air Pump in water. The Pond Air Pump is designed to be placed in an indoor location that is protected from the weather. The location needs to be dry and free from airborne dust and debris. Failure to properly protect the Pond Air Pump from the elements will void the warranty. To provide continued protection against risk of electric shock, connect to properly grounded, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets only, using the following guidelines:

    • Have a qualified electrician install a properly grounded receptacle outlet, acceptable for outdoor use and protected from snow and rain.
    • Inspect cord before using.
    • Do not use extension cords.
    • Any wiring of pumps should be performed by a qualified electrician to ensure code compliance and user safety.
    • Unplug pump at receptacle outlet when not in use or before removal from pond.
    • To reduce risk of electrical shock, all wiring and junction connections should be made per local codes. Requirements may vary depending on usage and location.
    • The power cable should be protected at all times to avoid punctures, cuts, bruises and abrasions.
    • Never handle power cords with wet hands.
    • Do not remove cord and strain relief. Do not connect conduit to pump.
    • Do not use power cable to lift pump.
    • Products returned must be cleaned, sanitized, or decontaminated, as necessary prior to shipment, so as to ensure that employees will not be exposed to health hazards in handling said material. All applicable laws and regulations shall apply.

    Aquascape Pond Air Installation

    1. Carefully unpack the Pond Air system and select an indoor location for the Pond Air Pump that is protected from the weather. The location needs to be dry and free from airborne dust and debris. If possible position or raise the unit so it rests above the pond water level to help protect the air pump from water damage. DO NOT SUBMERGE THE POND AIR PUMP IN WATER!
    2. Lay out the aeration tubing with pre-installed check valves.
    3. Attach the end of aeration tubing with the pre-installed check valve to the front nozzle on the air pump. The check valve is designed to prevent water from siphoning back through the tubing and entering into the compressor. Failure to install the check valve may result in the compressor being permanently damaged, voiding the warranty.
    4. Attach the Aeration Discs to the opposite end of the aeration tubing.
    5. Position the Aeration Discs in the bottom of the pond. We recommend separating the Aeration Discs apart from each other to maximize the circulation throughout the entire pond.
    6. Connect the pump to an outlet that is protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

    TIP: Small rocks or gravel can be used to hide the aeration tubing and prevent it from floating, or to secure the Aeration Disc in the proper position.

    Aquascape Pond Air Operation & Maintenance

    Air Diaphragm Cartridge Replacement

    • The Aquascape Pond Air uses an Air Diaphragm Cartridge that can be easily replaced in the event of wear or tear. If you notice that your Pond Air Pump is losing air pressure, it may be time to replace the Air Diaphragm Cartridge. The inexpensive and easy-to-replace cartridges ensure that the Aquascape Pond Air will provide you with years of troublefree service.
    • Always unplug pump before inspecting or servicing.
    • Remove screws located at the bottom of the Air Pump and remove pump cover.
    • Remove the Air Diaphragm Cartridge (1-cartridge on the Pond Air 2 and 2-cartridges on the Pond Air 4) by removing the screws securing the cartridge to the base of the pump.
    • Install the new Air Diaphragm Cartridge and secure it back into place with the screws. Pond Air 4 only – Re-attach the air cartridge tubing.
    • Reinstall the pump cover and secure back into place with screws.
    NOTE: On the Pond Air 2 Model – Installing the cover of the pump will press the Air Diaphragm Cartridge into its final seated position.

    Winterization Application

    • The Pond Air can be used during the winter months, where bubbles and water movement created at the surface help to maintain a small opening in the ice for oxygenation.
    • DO NOT place the Aeration Discs on the bottom of the pond during the winter, as it may disrupt the natural thermocline found in the deeper portions of the pond where the fish are overwintering. Instead, place the Aeration Discs about 1 to 1 ½ feet below the surface of the water.
    • If you are located in a region that experiences long periods of extremely cold weather, you will also want to consider using a de-icer in combination with the Pond Air. The Aeration Discs can be placed beneath the de-icer, helping to further increase the pond’s oxygen levels and remove possibly harmful gases from the water.

    Aquascape Pond Air Troubleshooting

    Reduced or no air flow:

    • Make sure check valves are installed with arrow pointing in the direction of the air flow
    • Make sure airline tubing is not kinked or restricted
    • Replace Air Diaphragm Cartridge(s)

    Pump not working:

    • The ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) may have tripped
    • The pump is not receiving the correct voltage