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5 Backyard Finds to Snag before Fall

    Aug. 30, 2019

    These cool late summer days are the perfect time to go outdoors and relax – and maybe plan some end-of-the-season gatherings.

    If getting ready for guests is on your to-do list, or you just want to do something nice for yourself, we have a few inexpensive finds you can pick up now to make these last days of summer a little sweeter.


    Koi Krunchies

    Price: $14.98

    You love your fish. Your guests love your fish. Your fish love treats. Why not make everyone happy by bringing home some Koi Krunchies?

    These fish-approved treats are perfect for teaching koi to eat from your hand – and they’re packed with vitamins that keep your fish happy and healthy. Koi Krunchies are an especially good snack for the late summer and early fall, when your fish need to pack in as many nutrients as they can before winter.

    2. CANNAS

    Striped Beauty Canna

    Price: $18

    Keep summer alive with beautiful tropical cannas.

    These show-stoppers have neon yellow, orange, red or pink flowers that stand atop tall stems. Leaves range in color from chartreuse to burgundy. Your aquatic cannas can hang out in your stream, or you can keep them in a well-watered pot.

    Cannas won’t survive the winter outdoors. Their flowers will go strong into the fall, though, making them the perfect plant for the pond owner who isn’t *quite* ready to let go of summer.


    Glasses: $12, Mugs: $18

    Coffee, wine, hot chocolate or lemonade. No matter you what you drink while enjoying the outdoors, you need something to put it in. Why not use a one-of-a-kind mug or glass from Splash?

    Our handmade clay mugs are perfect for a cup of joe by the pond, and our glass tumblers are great for everything from water to wine.


    Boulder Owls

    Price: $16 – $145

    Whooooo’s that hanging out beside the pond? It’s a family of stone owls!

    These cute-yet-classy lawn decorations are sure to be a hoot at your next gathering. Made of heavy stone, they’ll survive just about anything the elements throw their way.

    Our boulder owls are available in a variety of size. Pick up one or a whole set.


    Pond Driftwood

    Price: $69 – $299

    Sometimes you just need something to tie everything together. Driftwood can add that perfect touch of natural beauty to your backyard design.

    We have driftwood in all shapes and sizes tucked into every corner of our backyard display garden, so you’re sure to find something that works just right for your yard, pond or waterfall.

    Visit Splash Supply Co.

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