A Disappearing Waterfall is a versatile and beautiful way to relax and reconnect with nature in almost any-sized yard.

Water simply recirculates from an out-of-sight underground reservoir up through your waterfall spillway.

From there, the water cascades back down over the rocks, creating a simple and eco-friendly recirculation system.

  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Low-maintenance
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Eco-friendly

Our DIY Disappearing Waterfall Kits - Components and Pricing

Pondless Disappearing Waterfall
 Small Basic Waterfall KitSmall Deluxe Waterfall KitMedium Basic Waterfall KitMedium Deluxe Waterfall KitLarge Basic Waterfall KitLarge Deluxe Waterfall Kit
Stream Length3'6'16'16'26'26'
Waterfall Spillway
Waterfall Vault✔ with (1) Extension✔ with (1) Extension
AquaBlox(2) Small(3) Small(5) Small(5) Small(5) Large(5) Large
PumpEcoWave 2000AquaSurge 2000-4000AquaSurge 2000-4000AquaSurge 2000-4000SLD 5000-9000SLD 5000-9000
Pipe & PlumbingKink-Free 1.5" x 25'Flex PVC 1.5" x 25'Flex PVC 2" x 25'Flex PVC 2" x 25'Flex PVC 2" x 50'Flex PVC 2" x 50'
EPDM Liner10' x 12'10' x 10'  (Reservoir) 8' x 10' (Stream)10' x 12' (Reservoir) 10' x 20' (Stream)10' x 12' (Reservoir) 10' x 20' (Stream)12' x 15' (Reservoir) 10' x 30' (Stream)12' x 15' (Reservoir) 10' x 30' (Stream)
Underlayment12' x 15'13' x 15'16' x 15'16' x 15'24' x 15'24' x 15'
Waterfall Boulders1 Pallet1 Pallet2 Pallets2 Pallets3 Pallets3 Pallets
Gravel Mix1/2 Scoop1.5 Scoops3 Scoops3 Scoops5 Scoops5 Scoops
Silicone, Patch Kit & Waterfall Foam
Lighting Package--StandardColor-changingStandardColor-changing
35" Driftwood----
Customization Options Available
2021 Price$1,549$2,329$3,429$3,769$4,699$5,289
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