Spring Pond & Waterfall Cleaning

York, PA; Lancaster, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Hanover, PA and Surrounding Areas

Spring Pond Clean-Out
In nature, spring rains fill streams and rivers, which, in turn, flush out the lakes and ponds.

This is nature’s way of preparing for a new season of life.

Your ponds and disappearing waterfalls need help to go through this same process.

Click one of the links below to schedule your Spring Pond Clean-Out and prepare your pond for a great season.

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Spring Pond Service FAQ

Spring Pond Clean-Out York, PA

How much do Spring Pond Clean-Outs cost?

Our 2021 prices are as follows:

  • Fountain: $698
  • Basic – Filters ONLY: $698
  • Small Pond (Up to 40 square feet): $698
  • Medium (Up to 100 square feet): $968
  • Large (Up to 250 square feet): $1,298

What’s included in a Spring Pond Clean-Out?

Although your specific needs may vary, here’s generally what the Splash Supply team does during spring pond clean-outs:

  • Gently transfer your fish into a netted and aerated holding tank, then return them after the clean-out is complete
  • Flush remaining pond water
  • Rinse rocks and gravel and remove debris
  • Clean filters, filter pads, pumps and skimmers
  • Replace bulbs in underwater lights as needed (bulb cost is in addition to clean-out price)
  • Use your garden hose to refill pond. You simply turn off the hose and plug in the pump when the pond is full.

We can also address issues like pond liner leaks, sick koi fish, broken pumps, broken pond lights and green water, as well as perform upgrades on waterfalls, streams, lighting, skimmers or pumps (some services may involve additional costs).

Why do I need to clean my pond in the spring?

An annual clean-out helps your pond start the season fresh and healthy. And early spring – ideally before the water temperatures creep above 55 degrees – is the best time to make it happen.

A full clean-out involves moving your fish, cleaning your pond and replenishing the water. You can either do it yourself – Splash Supply’s experts would be happy to help you with supplies and advice – or schedule a time for our team to do it for you.

Why is it so important to clean your pond in the spring? The beneficial bacteria that grow in your filter and on your rocks do not establish themselves for the season until the pond water temperature exceeds about 55 degrees. These bacteria help keep your water clear and pond ecosystem healthy. Cleaning your pond after the water has passed that 55-degree mark wipes out these colonies, throwing your pond ecosystem out of balance and potentially turning your water green until your bacteria re-establish themselves.

What areas does Splash Supply service?

We provide pond maintenance, design and repair services around southcentral Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.

Our PA service area includes York, Emigsville, Manchester, Red Lion, Dallastown, Shrewsbury, Glen Rock, Hanover, Littlestown, New Oxford, Dover, Hellam, Wrightsville, Columbia, Mountville, Millersville, Willow Street, Strasburg, Quarryville, East Petersburg, Mt. Joy, Elizabethtown, Middletown, Hummelstown, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg. Dillsburg, Carlisle and surrounding areas.

Our MD service area includes Parkton, Monkton, Sparks, Jarrettsville, Hunt Valley,  Lutherville, Timonium, Westminster, Cockeysville and surrounding areas.  Please call (717-751-2108) for a referral for a professional contractor in other areas.