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Shaq gets a koi pond as more people look to their yards for summer relaxation

    AUG. 5, 2020

    A world-class vacation in your own backyard. No mask required.

    Homeowners looking for a safe way to escape the humdrum of pandemic living are driving a surge in pond installations nationwide, according to FoxBusiness.

    Among those getting in on the koi pond trend: NBA legend Shaquille O’Neil.

    A team of our friends from Aquascape, as well as other contractors from across the country, installed a supersized pond at Shaq’s Atlanta home earlier this summer. The 22-by-55-foot water feature boasts a sandy beach entry, pondside gas fire pit, 70-foot stream and six waterfalls..

    The Reflection Garden at UPMC Pinnacle Memorial Hospital in York. Splash installed the pond in 2019.

    This “Ferrari of ponds,” as Aquascape CEO Greg Wittstock described it to FoxBusiness, also includes some features you might recognize if you’ve visited Splash recently.

    Underwater lights illuminate the 3-foot-deep pond at night. Plants and some of the biggest koi you’ve ever seen help keep the ecosystem balanced. And a trio of Stacked Slate Sphere fountains, the same ones we carry,  flow into Shaq’s waterfalls and streams. (One of Shaq’s fountains is emblazoned with the Superman logo, in homage to one of his nicknames.)

    You don’t need a Shaq-sized pond to enjoy a vacation in your own backyard. Our crew has been busy all season installing ponds of all sizes in backyards throughout York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, northern Maryland and the rest of the region. We’ve also helped lots of people install their own ponds with a DIY kit.

    Check out our gallery to see just a few of the ponds we’ve done over the years.

    A backyard pond really is the perfect escape. Science shows spending time outside makes you happier and healthier. And with so many travel plans canceled this summer, it only makes sense to invest in a little slice of nature you can enjoy right at home.

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