Ponds for Kids

With today’s hectic pace and constant inundation with electronics, it’s more important than ever to Relax and Reconnect with Nature. This is especially true for kids.

At Splash, we’re passionate about sharing our love of nature and demonstrating how easy it can be to recreate a natural environment in your backyard – or even a school or youth development center.

Here are a few projects we’ve done with help from local kids:

York Youth Development Center

We built this pond in ONE DAY with a motivated group of young Gen Z kids from LCBC! It was one of the hottest day of the season – 99° F – and had some of the hardest soil conditions the Splash team had seen all year. No excuses – they got it done!

This pond at the Youth Development Center in York not only taught the volunteers the value of hard work but will also help children who visit the center connect with nature.

Friendship Elementary

You’re never too young to build your first pond!

The Splash team built this 100-square-foot goldfish pond with help from children in kindergarten through 6th grade.

The pond cost the school less than $2,000 in PTO and grant funding, with Splash providing an in-kind donation of material and labor.

Dallastown Middle School

Student in grades 7 and 8 helped the Splash team build a 175-square-foot koi pond with a 40-foot stream and waterfall in the middle school’s courtyard. This fun project also included a 500-gallon rainwater collection fountain.

The project was funded by a less-than-$5,000 grant, plus an in-kind donation of labor and materials from Splash.

York Tech High School

York Tech high-schoolers helped Splash build the school’s naturalistic disappearing stream and waterfall.

This project cost the school less than $5,000, with Splash providing an in-kind donation of labor and material.