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Your pond craves a variety of plants. Here’s why

We grow more than 100 types of plants here at Splash. How do you know which one will best fit YOUR pond?

Certain factors – like your climate, size of your pond, level of sun and even state invasive species laws – will weed out a few plant varieties from the start. That still leaves you with a very long list of leafy candidates, so our word of advice is this: Variety is key.

Plants remove excess nutrients from your water, which you should care about because those nutrients would otherwise act as all-you-can-eat algae buffets. Different plants will suck up different kinds of nutrients. A round waterlily leaf will use a different nutrient than a tall, skinny Iris leaf. A red flower will use a different nutrient than a blue flower. A plant that blooms in April will gobble up a different nutrient than a plant that blooms in August. You get the idea.

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If you’re not sure where to start with your pond, we recommend talking to one of our plant experts at our store. You can also check out Splash Plants, our wholesale plants division, for some ideas to help you get started.