The Reflection Garden at UPMC Memorial Hospital

Splash Supply Company is proud to have designed and built the beautiful Reflection Garden that greets visitors at the new UPMC Memorial Hospital.

This unique space – designed and constructed by Splash – includes walking areas, a large waterfall, bubbling fountains and lots of beautiful koi.

The Design

Splash Memorial Hospital Reflection GardenThe first thing you’ll see as you drive to the hospital’s main entrance is a huge boulder waterfall surrounded by a woodland garden. More than 40,000 gallons of water crashes over this waterfall every hour, creating an awe-inspiring display that looks amazing from any angle.

The surrounding garden provides a naturalistic softening that enhances the modern architecture of the hospital building. The waterfall design and plant materials were carefully chosen to replicate the native plantings and rolling topography that York County is known for.

This raised woodland garden provides a perfect privacy screen to the meadows and streams of the hidden Reflection Garden. The Reflection Garden is designed with lots of seating for quiet contemplation or small group conversations. A trio of Bubbling Urns provides a wonderful place to watch local birds quench their thirst or wash their wings.

As you stroll the pathways, be sure to pause on the bridge, and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of a big, colorful koi splashing around in the main waterfall.

Enter the hospital for yet another relaxing oasis. Next to the cafeteria, in a cozy outdoor courtyard, you’ll find a fountain that offers the sights and sounds of water in a smaller footprint.

A Place for Healing

So what is a Reflection Garden?

The practice of seeking healing in nature predates modern medicine, but hospital designers have realized in recent years that patients, visitors and staff can all benefit from easy access to the outdoors. Several studies have suggested that just looking at features like green plants and running streams can help decrease stress and quicken physical healing. 

The Reflection Garden at the hospital offers a beautiful outdoor retreat where people need it most. It serves as a perfect complement to the public outdoor walking paths surrounding the hospital.

“The importance of green spaces to promote healing and mental health aligns with (the Memorial Health Fund’s) focus on transforming the ways our community addresses compelling health issues, including the complete physical, mental and social well-being of the residents of York and its surrounding communities,” community leaders said in a news release regarding the hospital’s natural features.