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How to Unclog Your Pond Pump

    Pond Pumps York Lancaster Harrisburg PAIt’s pretty rare in an Ecosystem Pond to have to pull your pump out of your skimmer.

    Most of the time, your skimmer is going to be collecting debris from across the pond, and the debris goes into the basket. All you have to do is empty the basket. You don’t really have to worry about your pump too much. Occasionally, though, a piece of mulch will get down in your pump, or, over time, leaf debris will sneak past the basket and cover the pump intake. Let’s walk through our two most popular pumps and how to take them apart, clean them up and get your pond back up and running.

    At a Glance: How to Unclog a Pond Pump

    • Remove the check valve from the top of the pump.
    • Remove the volute cover (depending on the pump, you might need a flat-head screwdriver to pry it off).
    • Clean any debris off the volute cover.
    • If your pump has an interior baffle, remove and clean it.
    • Clean the top and inside of the volute chamber with your finger or a screwdriver.
    • Reassemble the pump and check valve.

    Step 1: Remove the Check Valve

    How to Unclog Pond Pump The very first thing you’ll want to do after you pull the pump out of the skimmer is remove your check valve off the top of the pump. (The check valve is the big, L-shaped piece that connects your pump to the rest of your pond plumbing and prevents water from running back into the pump.) Simply unscrew this piece from the top of the pump to remove it.

    2. Remove the Volute Cover

    How to Unclog a Pond Pump Next, we’re going to remove the volute cover. That’s the little cage that prevents debris from getting inside the pump. Depending on the pump, you’ll either be able to pull this cover right off the pump, or you might need to use a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry it off. Once you’ve removed the volute cover, brush off any debris stuck to it and then set the cover aside.

    3. Remove the Interior Baffle (If the Pump Has One)

    pond pump maintenance york pa Some pumps have a cone-shaped interior baffle under the volute cover. If your pump has one of these, just unscrew it, clean it off and set it aside.

    4. Clean the Volute Chamber

    Pond Pump Maintenance York Lancaster Harrisburg PA The volute chamber has an opening on the top of the pump and another opening on the front. Simply clear any debris from these openings using either your finger or a screwdriver.

    5. Reassemble the Pump

    Look down the top and front of the volute chamber to make sure everything looks clear. If it does, go ahead and screw everything back together. That’s it! Still having problems with your pump? Visit us at 1298 Toronita St., York, and we’d be happy to see how we can help.

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