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How to Set Up and Care for an AquaGarden Mini Pond

    Want a low-maintenance water feature that only takes a few minutes to set up? Try an AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit!

    The AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit is perfect for adding the sight and sound of water to any space. More compact than a traditional Patio Pond, these kits come packaged with everything you need to get up and running quickly.

    Enjoy your AquaGarden outdoors during the warmer months, or bring it indoors for year-round enjoyment. 

    Setting up and caring for your AquaGarden is easy. Just follow our tips below.

    Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit Instructions & Care Guide

    Where to Buy an AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit

    The AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit is available at Splash Supply Co. 

    Visit us at 1298 Toronita St. in York, PA, or go to our online store for shipping throughout the U.S.

    What's Included in an AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit?

    Your AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit includes everything you need, right out of the box. You only need to supply the plants and water.

    1. AquaGarden Mini Pond

    Available in Steel Gray or Mocha

    2. LED Light with Transformer

    2. LED Light with Transformer

    How to Set Up an AquaGarden Mini Pond

    Step 1: Give it a Rinse

    Lightly rinse the AquaGarden, gravel and potting media.

    Step 2: Choose a Location

    You can keep your AquaGarden outdoors when the weather is above freezing or indoors year-round. Choose a flat location to keep the AquaGarden running smoothly and avoid damage.

    Step 3: Check the Waterfall Light

    Make sure the light is securely in place with the pre-installed rubber clips in the bottom of the filter tray. The light cord should be completely integrated in the bottom of the filter edge.

    Step 4: Connect the Pump

    Connect the low-suction attachment to the pump intake with the included flat rubber washer, then connect the pump with washer to the bottom of the filter tray. Make sure the pump is oriented as shown in the picture here:

    Next, run the pump cord through the channel at the rear of the filter. Then secure the filter tray to the top of the AquaGarden. (If it doesn’t sit flat, make sure the pump cord is properly secured.)

    Step 5: Add Plants

    Your AquaGarden comes with clay grow media, a soil-free substrate that doesn’t require additional potting media.

    To add plants to your AquaGarden, simply place the grow media in the filter tray. (You might not need the whole bag.) Next, rinse the soil off the roots of your plants, and gently insert them into the grow media.

    Be sure to choose plants that don’t mind wet conditions. (See our section below for some of our favorites).

    Step 6: Add Gravel

    Use the included black gravel to weight down and disguise the grow media around your plants. Place the included mixed gravel in the bottom section of the AquaGarden.

    Step 7: Fill, Plug in and Enjoy!

    Fill the AquaGarden to your desired water level, then plug in the light transformer and pump.

    The pump is designed to run 24/7 to maintain ideal water conditions.

    Can I Add Fish to My AquaGarden?

    We do not recommend adding fish or other animals to your AquaGarden. The garden only holds about 5 to 7 gallons of water, making it too small for most types of fish to live comfortably. If you would like a container water garden that can house fish, a large Patio Pond will provide a more suitable habitat.

    If you do decide to add fish to your AquaGarden, make sure to use Pond Detox after adding fresh water to the garden. If your AquaGarden is outdoors, you will need to move it indoors over the winter, or move the fish to an indoor tank.

    What Kinds of Plants Can I Add to My AquaGarden?

    Water Forget-Me-NotAny plant that doesn’t mind having its feet wet will do well in your AquaGarden filter tray. Some popular options include

    Browse our aquatic plant library for more ideas.

    Plants that tolerate deeper water can live in the bottom bowl of your AquaGarden. Options include floating plants like water hyacinths and water lettuce, as well as dwarf waterlilies.

    Most plants grow best with sunlight, so place your AquaGarden near a sunny window or add an AquaGarden Plant Light.

    How to Take Care of Your AquaGarden

    Your AquaGarden should require very little maintenance. Follow the tips below to keep everything running smoothly:

    • Keep your pump running 24/7.
    • To keep water clear, add a weekly dose of beneficial bacteria using liquid bacteria or Patio Pond Maintenance Tabs.
    • Remove any debris, algae or buildup as needed.
    • Periodically clean the pump’s sponge filter by removing the low-suction attachment from the intake and rinsing the sponge in fresh water. Once removed from the pump, gently pull on the intake of the attachment to separate into two pieces to completely remove the sponge.
    • Add more water as needed to replace water lost to evaporation.
    • Change the water as needed.
    • If you have a dwarf waterlily in your AquaGarden, add two tabs of aquatic plant fertilizer once per month.

    Troubleshooting Your AquaGarden

    With proper maintenance, your AquaGarden should give you years of enjoyment without issues.

    If the AquaGarden waterfall is not running properly ...

    • Make sure the outlet is receiving power.
    • Make sure the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is not tripped.
    • Make sure the pump is plugged in and functioning.
    • Verify that the pump is properly connected to the filter.
    • Verify there is enough water in the container for the pump to operate.
    • Clean the sponge filter and low-suction attachment.

    If the AquaGarden light won't turn on ...

    • Make sure the outlet is receiving power.
    • Make sure the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is not tripped.
    • Verify that the transformer is functioning properly.
    • Make sure the quick-connect fitting is fully connected to the transformer.

    AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit Replacement Parts & Add-Ons

    Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit Accessories

    AquaGarden Stand

    Elevate your AquaGarden with this sleek and sturdy stand. Includes a special flange to hold the AquaGarden in place.

    AquaGarden Plant Light

    Illuminate your AquaGarden and keep your plants looking their best with this easy-to-connect plant light.

    Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit Replacement Parts

    1. AquaGarden Pump with Low Suction Attachment
    2. AquaGarden Low Suction Attachment with Sponge
    3. AquaGarden Mini Pond Light with Transformer and Clips
    4. AquaGarden Clay Grow Media
    5. AquaGarden Black Filter Gravel
    6. AquaGarden Bottom Gravel