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How Do I Keep Leaves Out of My Pond in the Fall?

    Fall Pond MaintenanceOh, fall. The pretty oranges and red hues dotting the trees, the nip in the air, the mucky dead leaves floating in your pond.

    Actually, let’s skip that last one. Not only will dead leaves make your pond unattractive, but they can also put your fish at risk and increase the possibility of an algae takeover as they decompose.

    The easiest way to keep the leaves out is to put up a net. We recommend starting with a tented pipe frame (we use PVC electrical conduit) across your pond and draping your net over that. The convex shape will ensure the leaves roll off the top, as opposed to gathering in the middle and weighing down the net. Simply place several pipes horizontally across your pond (like a ribcage), and then run a single long pipe over top of them and connect them at the intersections with zip ties.

    After you have your frame, stretch the netting over top. Keep it tight so the leaves bounce off. You can also keep a gap at the bottom of one end in case you’re still feeding fish (see our tips about feeding fish in the winter.)

    Of course, if this all sounds like too much work, feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to install and take down your net for you.

    For more tips, check out our Ultimate Guide to Pond Fish Care.