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How Can I Keep Algae Out of My Pond?

    It’s one of the most common questions we get here at Splash: How do I control algae in my pond?Before we answer, let’s talk a little about what algae is and how it gets there. “Algae” describes a diverse group of organisms that thrive in warm, nutrient-rich environments like the shallow water of a pond. A well-built pond will prevent algae from going crazy by creating an environment where beneficial bacteria and plants can thrive and consume all of the nutrients algae would need to grow.

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    Remember, though, that your pond is not a swimming pool. It’s a living ecosystem. That means a little green fuzz on your rocks is completely normal. If you have otherwise clear water and can see to the bottom of your pond, you should take pride in knowing you have a happy, healthy pond.

    Our Ecosystem Ponds here at Splash offer some great examples of what a pond should look like. Here’s how we keep our fish healthy and our water crystal clear:

    Each pond uses skimmers to physically remove up to 90 percent of debris before it interacts with the ecosystem and has a chance to create an environment where algae can take over.

    Beneficial Bacteria colonizes in biofilters and consumes ammonia and nitrites, starving the single-cell algae and leaving the fish happy and the pond crystal clear (yes, fish are an important part of the ecosystem).

    Then, plants do their thing by using up all of the nitrates to produce leaves and flowers of all shapes, sizes, seasons and colors, each taking a different nutrient out of the ecosystem and leaving little to no nitrates for stringy, fuzzy or slimy algae.

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    If your system is designed and functioning properly, the only maintenance required during the season is to clean your skimmer and regularly add small doses of fresh Beneficial Bacteria. Enjoy crystal-clear water; happy, healthy fish; and beautiful pond plants!

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    If you find yourself in a situation where the algae is already out of control, start by adding a wider variety of pond plants to your ecosystem. We have hundreds to choose from here at our store in York, Pa. We also have lots of algaecides – which some people find effective – but we believe Beneficial Bacteria and pond plants are the easiest and most eco-friendly tools for keeping your pond looking great.

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