Do UV Lights Work to Destroy Algae?

UltraKlear UV Clarifier-Sterilizer

UltraKlear UV Clarifier-Sterilizer

A well-designed pond will keep algae at bay naturally. But not every pond is built ideally. If you find yourself with an overabundance of algae, a UV light or clarifier could help eliminate it.

“Algae” describes a diverse group of organisms that thrive in warm, nutrient-rich environments like the shallow water of a pond. A well-built pond, like the ones we design at Splash, will prevent algae from going crazy by creating an environment where beneficial bacteria can thrive and consume all of the nutrients algae would need to grow. Because of the way we design our ponds here at Splash, we have never in our nearly 30-year history had to use a UV light to clear up algae.

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Not every pond, however, is a Splash pond. If you’re a DIY pond owner or inherited a pond built by someone else, stop by and let us show you our line of UV lights. These lights kill the types of single-cell algae that make your water look green.