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December Pond Care: Everything You Need to Know

    Pictured: Giant Mushroom Fountain. Available at Splash.

    Your pond doesn’t need much from you over the winter. Enjoy it!

    Worried about what to do if temperatures really start to plummet? Check out our December Deep-Dive for a few tips.

    3 Tips for December Pond Care

    1. Use an aerator or running waterfall to keep water oxygenated

    Your fish aren’t eating or moving much right now, but they still need to breathe.
    Use an aerator to keep water well oxygenated, especially if you decide to turn off your waterfall for the season.

    2. Continue weekly doses of Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria

    Beneficial BacteriaBeneficial Bacteria is our go-to water treatment for keeping water crystal-clear and fish happy and healthy.

    Bacteria do lots of helpful things for your pond, including consuming harmful ammonia and algae-causing nitrites. For best results, apply bacteria at least once a week throughout the season, or install an Automatic Dosing System that will do the work for you.

    Pond Bacteria comes in lots of forms – so how do you know which one you need?

    Just follow this guide:

    In December, you’ll be using Cold Water Bacteria.

    Liquid Beneficial Bacteria comes in an easy-to-use pump-top container. If you buy an 8 oz, 16 oz, or 32 oz bottle, simply add one pump of bacteria per 100 gallons of water in your pond once a week. If you buy a gallon bottle, use one pump per 600 gallons.

    (Dry forms of bacteria are also available. See your container for dosing instructions.)

    To Calculate Pond Size in US Gallons: Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) x Average Depth (in feet) x 7.48

    All of the Beneficial Bacteria products listed above are completely safe for fish and plants – making them a great alternative to potentially harmful algaecides.

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    December Deep-Dive

    3 Ways to Protect Your Pond in Extreme Cold

    Swim Pond in Winter

    You probably know your fish can survive a normal winter. But what about near-zero, negative-windchill temperatures?

    Bitter cold has slammed parts of the U.S. over some past recent winters, with some areas seeing days of single-digit-and-lower temperatures. And if you think you feel cold huddled inside under an electric blanket, just imagine how your fish feel.

    Extreme cold can wreak havoc on your pond life, not to mention your pump and other plumbing. You can, however, take steps to minimize the damage.

    At a Glance: Protecting Your Pond from Extreme Cold

    • Drain your plumbing if you shut down your pond.
    • Use an aerator to prevent fish suffocation.
    • Use a deicer to keep a hole open in the ice.