Want to add a pond to your yard? Here’s three things you should know

Imagine starting your day sipping a warm cup of coffee next to a trickling waterfall, or spending a relaxing evening surrounded by friends, blooming waterlilies and vibrant koi.

Splash Supply Company has helped make these dreams a reality since 1989.

If you’re thinking about adding a pond to your backyard, go into the project prepared with these tips from current Splash Supply customers:

1. Quality matters

Tom and Louise  have shared their York County home for more than 53 years. This beloved nest needed the perfect pond, but the first company they hired to do the work did a less than perfect job.

If you decide to add a pond to your backyard retreat, you can build it yourself or hire a professional. No matter which path you take, know that you need to invest in the right materials and work with the right experts.

Expect to spend around $1,500 to $2,000 to build a nice entry-level pond using a quality DIY kit from Splash Supply Company. Alternatively, pond installation by Splash starts at around $5,900 for a 100-square-foot pond.

Splash tore out the Tom and Louise’s old pond and replaced it with one that wraps around their back porch, filling their yard with the sound of waterfalls and sight of frogs, fish and blooming flowers.

"They're very honest people," Tom said. "I think the quality of work is top-notch. The quality of workmanship is top-notch."

2. Fish are the easiest pets you’ll ever own

Virginia, another Splash customer, didn’t know if she wanted koi in her pond. Now she can’t imagine life without them.

Pond fish - whether you choose koi, goldfish, catfish or something else - are the jewel of your pond. They eat mosquitos and generally take care of themselves. That means no need to hire a pet sitter if you take a trip to the beach.

Many pond owners, though, look forward to feeding and bonding with their fish. That’s what happened to Virginia, who now has about 40 finned friends who swim up to her when she approaches with treats.

Her grandchildren like them too.

“They’d get up on the wall and sit there, toss in the food, laughing and carrying on,” she said of her grandkids, who visited last summer. “They had the best time. In fact, they went ahead and named some of the fish.”

3. Maintenance is minimal

Virginia's husband Earl spent his life entrenched in hard work. He grew up working a dairy farm with his brother in western New York, then traveled the world as part of the U.S. Army.

He has since left that world of long days and tired muscles behind. His pond, he said, makes that relaxation even easier. He figures he doesn’t spend any more time working on it than he would mowing if the area were grass.

A well-built pond requires minimal maintenance. A balanced ecosystem, along with a high-quality filter and skimmer, keep algae and debris at bay.

When Earl settles into a chair by his backyard retreat, he doesn’t fret over maintenance.

Instead, he thinks back to his days on the dairy farm, where acres of fields and wild land stood between him and the closest neighbors.

With his waterfall masking the sounds of traffic, and wildlife flitting through his plants, he can almost imagine he has that life again.

Virginia, too, can’t help but reminisce about her childhood when she looks out over her pond flowers. Her mother was an avid gardener, and Virginia now enjoys working with her own plants when she can.

But even if she doesn’t feel like breaking out her trowel and gardening gloves, she knows she will always have a nearby place to relax and reconnect with nature.

“It’s just so comforting to be out here,” she said. “If I’m stressed in any way, I’ll come out here and just sit and watch the fish, and listen to the water, and I just end up feeling so much better by the time I get back into the house.”

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