Snow Fort on the Koi Pond – York PA Disappearing Waterfall

UPDATE #3: The SNOW FORT LIVES!  After 40° and rainy yesterday, we've got 6+" of new snow falling today ...   opportunity to repair the damage from yesterday's global warming ...  Stayed Tuned ...

We LOVE our koi pond all year long! You know the old expression, while the koi are sleeping, kids are playing ... (I think the original might have rhymed a bit better -something about cats away and mice playing ...) ...
Our science experiment continues ... With the February and March temperature swings and unpredictable winter weather, we are monitoring pond water and air temperatures daily.
Our hypothesis is ... We're hoping the pond ice will melt all around the floating snow fort and then we can watch the snow fort slowly sink into the pond ... reminiscent of the lost city of Atlantis ...

Stayed tuned for more updates ...

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