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Pond Care - Pond Service

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The Splash team has over 29 years of experience taking care of water features of all kinds in York, PA and all over South Central Pennsylvania. Whether you are a DIY type who loves picking up armloads of algae or if you prefer to let our professionals take care of everything, stop by or give us a call today. Our team of Pond Professionals offer Pond Care and Pond Maintenance Services in York, PA, Lancaster, PA, & Harrisburg, PA and beyond.

Here's a sampling of our Pond Care and Maintenance Services:

Leaks (losing water)

  • Identifying
  • Fixing


  • Identifying problems
  • Fixing pump if possible
  • Replacing pump


  • Identifying problems
  • Fixing problem
    • Replacing bulbs
    • Replacing wiring
    • Replacing new light
    • Replacing transformer

Water Quality Issues

  • Identifying problem
  • Solution plan


  • Waterfalls
  • Skimmers
  • Lighting
  • Pumps

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