Leg Up Farm




[span6]The pond at Leg Up Farm isn’t just pretty. It’s a place where children of all abilities can reconnect with nature – and might just be the largest therapeutic koi pond in the world.

Leg Up Farm is a nonprofit therapy center in York County that helps children with special needs develop the skills they need to reach their full potential. In 2012, Splash built the farm’s 450,000-gallon koi pond to complement the center’s already robust offering of unique therapies.

Children can enter the water via a wheelchair-accessible entrance. There, they can feed and pet hundreds of friendly koi. Spending time in nature through these kinds of activities helps kids be more active, reduce stress and develop social skills.

We pride ourselves in creating low-maintenance, eco-friendly water features, and the Leg Up pond is no exception. A 30,000-GPH waterfall keeps the water aerated and the fish happy and healthy, while a myriad of aquatic plants help remove nitrates and reduce string algae. A 4,500-pound custom liner keeps the water in place, and careful design helps the pond capture, clean and reuse rainwater that runs off Leg Up Farm’s roof.

The pond at Leg Up Farm is only open to program participants and their families, but we encourage you to learn more about Leg Up’s cause on their website.