How to Install Aquascape LED Pond & Landscape Lighting

Instruction Manual, Warranty, Troubleshooting & Replacement Parts for
  • Aquascape Garden & Pond 1-Watt LED Spotlight (#84031)
  • Aquascape Garden and Pond 1-Watt LED Waterfall and Up Light (#84032)
  • Aquascape Garden and Pond 3-Watt LED Spotlight (#84033)
  • Aquascape Garden and Pond 6-Watt LED Spotlight (#84034)

Aquascape Garden and Pond LED Lights are developed to provide impressive lighting options for ponds, waterfalls, and landscapes. This instruction manual will guide you through the proper installation of Aquascape Garden and Pond Lights as well as recommended maintenance procedures to ensure long-term effectiveness.

This manual covers the following products:

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Aquascape LED Lighting Warranty

Aquascape Garden and Pond LED Lighting is guaranteed for five years from date of purchase. Proof of purchase required. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligent handling, misuse or lack of care. Light failure as a result of improper wiring is not covered under warranty. Lights should only be operated in fresh water without corrosive chemicals like chlorine or bromine. Warranty is valid against defects due to material and workmanship only.

Products returned must be cleaned, sanitized, or decontaminated, as necessary, prior to shipment to ensure that employees will not be exposed to health hazards in handling said material. All applicable laws and regulations shall apply. The sole obligation shall be to replace the defective unit with a suitable replacement unit. Units should be checked for proper operation prior to returning as defective. No liability for loss or damage of any nature or kind, whether arising out of or from the use of the product, whether defective or not defective, is assumed by Aquascape, Inc. or it’s affiliates.

Aquscape LED Lighting Contents

Garden and Pond 1-Watt LED Waterfall and Up Light (#84032)

  1. Waterfall and Up Light
  2. Removable Stand

Garden and Pond LED Spotlights (#84031, 84033, 84034)

  1. Spotlight
  2. Removable Stand
  3. Landscape Stake

Required & Recommended Products



Safety Information

WARNING: It is recommended whenever working in or near water to have all electrical devices plugged into a ground fault interrupter (GFCI) that has been installed by a licensed electrician.

  • To reduce the risk of electrical shock or damage to the light, all wiring and junction connections should be made per local codes. Requirements may vary depending on usage and location.
  • The power cable should be protected at all times to avoid punctures, cuts, bruises, and abrasion.
  • Operating the light fi xture outside of the 9-15 volt operating range voids the product warranty and may damage or shorten the life of the LEDs.


IMPORTANT: Aquascape, Inc. is not responsible for losses, injury, or death resulting from a failure to observe these safety precautions, misuse or abuse of pumps or equipment.

Aquascape Garden & Pond LED Lighting Specs

 1-Watt LED Waterfall & Up Light1-Watt LED Spotlight3-Watt LED Spotlight6-Watt LED Spotlight
Model Number84032840318403384034
Dimensions2" diameter x 1.25"H1.5" diameter x 2"H3" diameter x 3"H3" diameter x 3"H
MaterialDie-Cast MetalDie-Cast MetalDie-Cast MetalDie-Cast Metal
Voltage Min-Max9V-15V9V-15V9V-15V9V-15V
Wattage1.2 +/- 10%1.2 +/- 10%3 +/- 10%5.8 +/- 10%
Lumens45 lm45 lm150 lm340 lm
Kelvin Temperature3,000 K3,000 K3,000 K3,000 K
Color Rendering Index75757575
Beam Angle Spread30 degrees30 degrees30 degrees30 degrees
Cord Length14.5 ft.14.5 ft.14.5 ft.14.5 ft.
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Aquascape Garden & Pond LED Lighting Installation Instructions

Mounting Options

Choose the option that works best for each light.

Removable Mounting Stand (#84031, #84033, and #84034 only)

  • Remove the threaded nut from the fixture holder and insert holder into the base. Use the threaded nut to secure the fixture holder (Ex. 1).

Landscape Stake (#84031, #84033, and #84034 only)

  • Remove the threaded nut from the fixture holder and thread the stake clockwise into the bottom of the fixture holder (Ex. 2).

No Stand or Stake

  • The lights can be used without the fixture holder to allow the fixture to be disguised between rocks (Ex. 3).

Adjusting the Light Angle

  • To adjust the angle, push up or down on the fixture holder until it “clicks” into the desired position (Ex. 4).

Waterfall and Up Light Base (#84032 only)

  • The pre-installed stand can be removed for installation in tight spaces (Ex. 5).

Connect Light Fixtures

  • Aquascape Garden and Pond lights include 2-pin, quick-connect fittings to provide tool-free electrical connections.

    WARNING: Do not cut or remove the isolation chamber, as it will damage the light and void the warranty (Ex. 6).

  • Splitters and extension cables are available to install multiple lights. See the recommended products section for available extensions and splitters.
  • Connect lights to Garden and Pond quick-connect splitters and extensions (Ex. 7). 

    NOTE: Quick-connect connections must be fully tightened to prevent water from entering. Dielectric grease, available at most home improvement stores, can be used in all connections to further prevent water infiltration.

  • If desired, the Aquascape Garden and Pond Photocell with Digital Timer can be installed at this time. See the recommended products section for more information).


WARNING: Do not submerge quick-connect fittings, as moisture entering the connections will damage the lights.

NOTE: The light can also be wired directly in pre-existing low-voltage lighting systems. Cut off the quick-connect and use a commercially available wiring device suitable for outdoor applications per local codes. 

NOTE: Light failure as a result of improper wiring is not covered under warranty.

Transformer Setup

  • Aquascape Garden and Pond lights are designed to operate on a 12-volt, outdoor-rated transformer.
  • Connect the light, photocell, splitter, or extension cable to the transformer (Ex. 8).
  • Plug the transformer into a GFCI-protected outlet (Ex. 9).

WARNING: Aquascape garden and pond lights have a max voltage operating range between 9 and 15 volts. Operating the light outside of this voltage range voids the product warranty and may damage or shorten the life of the light.

NOTE: It is recommended to locate the transformer as close to the light fixtures as possible to avoid voltage drops caused by long cable runs.

NOTE: It is recommended to bury low voltage cables 6″ or less.

Aquascape LED Lighting Maintenance & Troubleshooting


Periodically clean the fixture with fresh water, removing any existing algae, debris, or buildup.


Lights are dim or won’t turn on

  • Check for loose connections
  • Make sure the outlet is receiving power
  • Make sure the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is not tripped
  • Check to verify that the lights are receiving the correct voltage
  • Verify that the photocell is functioning properly
  • Verify proper transformer loading
  • Verify that long cable runs are not causing voltage drop


Lights won’t turn off

  • Verify that the photocell (not included) is functioning properly

Aquascape Garden & Pond LED Lighting Replacement Parts