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Linked – Coffee with The Pond Guy

Our pond seminar series continues ... Here is the schedule of pond & waterfall classes scheduled. All of our seminars are held at our design center located 1298 Toronita St York, PA 17402. Call Splash today to RSVP 717.751.2108.  
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Diseases or Disorders of the Eyes of Koi

Diseases or Disorders of the Eyes of Koi  Koi Care - Cloudy corneas (eyes look whitish or white) When you see your koi with cloudy or white corneas you have to wonder if your koi has hurt itself, is being hurt by the environment or is being hurt by something you're doing. We see cloudy corneas after…
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Koi Fish York PA Video

Large Low maintenance ecosystem koi fish pond designed by Splash Supply Co in York, PA. Proper koi fish pond design and koi fish pond care allows you to enjoy crystal clear water with no algae and happy healthy koi fish. These koi fish love the Aquascape Koi Krunchies. Koi Fish Pond Care by Splash Supply…
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