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Pond Care - Summer Pond Service

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The Splash team has over 26 years of experience taking care of water features of all kinds in York, PA and all over South Central Pennsylvania. Whether you are a DIY type who loves picking up armloads of algae or if you prefer to let our professionals take care of everything, stop by or give us a call today. Our team of Pond Professionals offer Pond Care and Pond Maintenance Services in York, PA, Lancaster, PA, & Harrisburg, PA and beyond.

Let US do the dirty work ALL SUMMER  Long  …

Our 2017 Scheduled SUMMER POND SERVICE Plan includes:

  • Empty debris net/basket
  • Clean skimmer & filter mats
  • disconnect pump & clean
  • check underwater lights & replace bulbs as needed (cost of bulbs extra)
  • trim & remove dead plants
  • fertilize water liliescover linerfoam loose rocksWaterfall foam & fertilizer are included as needed.

Here's a sampling of other typical Pond Care and Maintenance Services:

Pond Leaks (losing water)

  • Identifying
  • Fixing

Pond Pumps

  • Identifying problems
  • Fixing pump if possible
  • Replacing pump

Underwater Pond Lights

  • Identifying problems
  • Fixing problem
    • Replacing bulbs
    • Replacing wiring
    • Replacing new light
    • Replacing transformer

Water Quality Issues

  • Pond Algae Control
  • Green Water
  • Sick Koi Fish
  • Identifying problem
  • Solution plan


  • Waterfalls & Streams
  • Pond Skimmers
  • Pond Lighting
  • Pond Pumps


Our pond technicians will use caution while netting, temporarily housing and acclimating your fish and other pond life.  Temporary fish storage will be no less than a 100 gallon tub with aeration and a mesh cover. Fish are transferred with Koi quality nets and are stored in the existing pond water. After slowly matching temperature, we make every reasonable effort to bowl the fish carefully into the cleaned pond. We cannot be held responsible for any scratches, scuffs, cloudy eyes, parasites, re-injuries, ulcerations, or loss of life Because your fish are living creatures, there are many factors beyond our control which may cause death or injury to your fish. We do share your disappointment, but cannot share your loss.  By requesting our service you accept this risk.


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